Thoughts about “Smart TV”

If there is Smart TV then there must also be “Stupid TV” – makes sense?

I guess I watch Stupid TV most of the time because the clunkiness of internet TV widgets and the inability of any of the media sharing services to work with my new TV force me to watch “Stupid TV”.

What I would love is a TV that acts as a visual portal to all my connected devices.

You start with the digital tuner. First off would be good to have at least 2 of them in the TV, just like my TiVo or other DVR. Then I’d like to be able to use my big wide TV screen to watch them both at once – not using PiP (Picture in Picture) – but the ability to drag and drop different channels and sources around the screen as if it was a PC with Windows.

And my BluRay or DVD. That also needs to be in a “window” of sorts on the screen.

I’d like a few widgets. A Wikipedia widget that i can use to look up information on what I’m watching. And link the content to the TV show – so as the TV show changes the Wikipedia page also changes – now that’s smart.

Sounds like I’m describing a computer of sorts. Well in a sense I am – just like a mobile phone is a handheld computer. The similarity here is that a mobile phone still needs to be brilliant at making phone calls as well as being able to take pictures, listen to music and surf the web. Similarly the TV needs to have a lot of computer-like characteristic but it still needs to be a brilliant “stupid TV”.

Now that’s what I call a Smart TV – one that knows when to let me watch “stupid TV” and when to enhance the experience.


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